Aged Wenshan Baozong

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This tea is extremely special: it has been aged for over 30 years.
In Pinglin, home of the Wenshan Baozhong, most producers store a small amount of the to age from generation to generation.
In fact, in Pinglin a tea is not considered aged unless it is at least 20 years old. And keeping a tea all this time under the right conditions of temperature and humidity, to avoid the development of unwanted flavors, is truly a difficult task. And this tea is a superb example.


The leaves are dark, almost black, with brownish reflections.


Dry: Antique wood, nutmeg.
Wet: Very similar to the smell of dry leaves but sweeter, and with some green notes.


A very delicate, sweet tea with hints of chestnuts and walnuts, a lingering but delicate aftertaste of antique wood. Velvety and medium-thick body.

Production Area:

Pinglin District, New Taipei, Taiwan.



Production date:

The exact production date is unknown, it is estimated to be around the end of the 80s.

Picking typology:

Bud and first four leaves


Qing xin Oolong

Plant age:

About 10 years

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