Tea Journey set


A selection of the most representative teas for each family: green, black, white, ooolong, pu'er and yellow. Suitable for both those who want to start their journey into the world of tea and those who want to discover new flavors.

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The vast world of tea can be confusing, so we decided to create this set both for those who are about to start this journey and for those who want to discover the flavors of Sogno Sinensis. In fact, the set contains the most representative Sogno Sinensis teas for each tea family. Inside you will find:

These samples will come with an introductory card to Gong Fu Cha, the traditional Chinese method for brewing tea that will allow you to infuse tea leaves in the best possible way, so as to express all their aroma and character. Together with our advice to guide you into the first steps in the art of tasting, so that you can appreciate the multitude of aromas of each of these teas better and better.


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