Moganshan Huangya

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Mogan Shan Huang Ya (Big Leaves), is a yellow tea belonging to a small mountain production area, with a long tradition in yellow tea. This tea is produced by a local farmer who has kept the original production methods and that, for this particular variety, has decided to use the largest leaves. The result is a tea with a ripe and sweet character, with a clear chestnut flavor.


Large dark green leaves with wide variations of shades, almost a camouflage pattern. Also present the twigs.


Dry: Very deep aroma with umami tones, notes of chestnuts and cocoa.
Wet: Deep but delicate vegetable aroma, of cooked vegetables.


Extremely elegant tea, with delicate but firm, intense and very well balanced aromas. It has a marked vegetal profile, with notes of cooked vegetables and algae. The notes of fresh walnuts and chestnuts are also important. Very sweet and mineral liqueur. Notes of cocoa in the background. The aftertaste is delicate but persistent, sweet and mineral.

Production area:

Moganshan, Zhejiang, China.


600 m.

Production period:

April 2020.

Picking typology:

Bud and four or five leaves.



Plants age:

60 years.

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15g, 50g, 100g (10% off)


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