Mi Lan Xiang Dancong

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Mi Lan Xiang, or "Honey Orchid Fragrance", takes its name from the aroma it recalls, a typical tradition of Feng Huang Shan, its place of production. The sweet taste and the pleasant oily body have made this tea one of the oldest and most loved of the immense Dancong family, which counts several hundred different varieties.


Large, dark brown leaves with golden and rust shades.


Dry: It already lives up to its name with an enveloping aroma of honey and flowers, accompanied by darker notes of roasting and cocoa.
Wet: Darker notes of embers and wet wood dominate, with a delicate aroma of honey.


The floral profile is powerful and complex, both with more spicy aromas such as geranium, and drier and more acidic ones such as orchid, supported by the deep and intense sweetness of honey. Very spicy liqueur, with juniper aromas, and developed in darker characters, with pleasant notes of embers and cocoa.

Production area:

Fenghuang, Guangdong, China.


550 m.

Production period:

April 2020.

Picking typology:

Bud and three leaves.


Mi Lan Xiang

Plants age:

About 25 years.

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15g, 50g, 100g (10% off)


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