Long Jing

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Long Jing is a tea that needs no introduction. Its history lost in a distant past, and an unmistakable nutty flavor have made it one of the most sought after and appreciated teas at home and abroad.
The characteristic flattened needle shape is the result of specific hand movements during the cooking phase on the wok.
As with all our teas, to select our Long Jing, we were particularly careful that the cultivation made the least use of pesticides, and for this we had to move away from Xihu, Long Jing birthplace, where plantations are now making an intense use of pesticides, to go to a nearby village: Bashan, where we found excellent plantations at high altitudes.


Bud and first two leaves with a typical flattened shape, the color is intense green with yellow shades.


Dry: Marine scents, umami, intense but not pungent, with strong notes of toasted hazelnuts, popcorn.
Wet: The umami becomes predominant, the roasted hazelnuts remain in the background.


Very complex tea, it has a vegetal profile consisting of umami notes and fresh grass. Strong notes of toasted hazelnuts, pop corn. Intense sweetness, with a creamy character. In the end a balsamic character and spicy notes of clove rise, with a persistent aftertaste.

Production area:

Fuyang village, Zhejiang, China.


800 m.

Production period:

March 2020.

Picking typology:

Bud and first two leaves.


Longjing 43

Plants age:

17 years.

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15g, 50g, 100g (10% off)


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