Bi Luo Chun


"Green spring snails" is the translation of Bi Luo Chun, which refers to the typical spiral shape.
Originally from the Jiangsu province, where the best Bi Luo Chun is still produced, this much-loved green tea is also produced in Zhejiang, Sichuan and Yunnan. It is precisely from this last province that our tea comes from, it differs by its size and color, as well as by its extremely peculiar character.

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Rolled-up leaves in the classic snail shape, with showy silver parts covered with hairs, and dark green parts.


Dry: Marine and sweet scent, with a vague hint of smoke.
Wet: The smell moves to a more savory profile, reminiscent of boiled vegetables, but with fruity notes of quince.


The dominant note is a complex vegetality, with aromas of vegetables such as chicory and fresh radish, with a delicate bitterness. An umami note as well, with a slight hint of seaweed and sea air. There is also a fruity side, reminiscent of quince jam. The aftertaste is intense and prolonged, and it evolves into a floral aroma of jasmine. Also to note is the good minerality.

Production area:

Pu'er, Yunnan, China.


1200-1300 m

Production date:

March 2019.

Picking typology:

Bud and first leaf.


Xiao Ye Zhong

Plant age:

30-40 years.

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5g, 30g, 80g, 100g


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