Our story

tea brothers

We are Pierpaolo and Federico Francesconi, two brothers from the Marche region of Italy. We entered the world of tea as children, without really realizing the infinite and fascinating world that we were facing.

Growing up, our interest and fun in tea developed, until it became a true passion.

Our travels to the far East, places where the art of tea has evolved and refined over the millennia, have been a fundamental experience. We met many tea masters who introduced us to this ancient art, from the secrets of cultivation and processing to those of tasting, teaching us step by step to appreciate all the fine and subtle qualities of tea.


As Lu Yu himself said (733 D.C.-804 D.C) in the Tea Canon:

“Nature gives the possibility to deepen and refine anything, but alas, man limits himself to the superficial”

It’s time to break this surface and show the endless nuances of tea leaves.

Passion, in addition to blood, unites us in this quest for the best leaves of Camellia Sinensis.

We have decided to bring this dream of ours to those who will allow it, here in Italy and in the World.

This is how Sogno Sinesis was born.

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