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Discover true tea, its fascinating tradition and the powerful sensory experience.
Unfortunately in the West we have known it mainly as tea bags, but these are just the expression of the lowest quality.

A real tea, is prepared with whole leaves picked from the numerous cultivars of Camellia Sinensis, processed into one of the hundreds of production styles that have been developed in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and India over thousands of years, grouped together to form the six main categories of tea: Green, Black, Red, White, Oolong and Yellow.

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Gong fu cha

Gong Fu Cha is the technique that allows you to get the most out of your tea leaves, transforming them from a simple drink to a unique experience, to enjoy every day both alone and with friends.

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Gong Fu Cha allows you to get the best of out of tea leaves, brewing a liqueur with an intense flavor and rich in all the properties of tea, which together with the simplicity of execution, it could become an indispensable daily experience, a relaxing and jovial moment, a pleasant and healthy break in our hectic days.

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What you will find on this website is a curated selection of tea researched and discovered during our journeys.

And over time, through our offers, we will take you in a continuous, exciting discovery of new aromas and infinite varieties of tea.

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we care for the ENVIRONMENt

Industrial tea production, raises many serious concerns regarding the destruction of habitats, soil pollution, and exploitation of labor.

The absolute certainty that all of the tea offered here is produced by skilled artisans through traditional processes, makes us sure that we are not financing all of the above.

This means that the respect for the plant and its habitat is imperative, because all of the tea masters know that environmental stress, like harmful chemicals, will negatively affect the final quality of their product. 


“A medicinal herb, to be considered as such, needs to grow in a pure habitat, otherwise it will express only a small part of its true healing potential.” used to say Li Jianbei, one of our tea masters.

Tea is indeed a medicinal herb, and confirming the words of our master, researchers using quality leaves have formally acknowledged the countless health benefits associated with exemplary teas. These findings were not replicated with generic tea bags.

Are you new to the tea world? Don't worry, our articles will guide you towards choosing and tasting this drink, as well as news and events on Sogno Sinensis.

"Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world"
t'hen yiheng