white tea

Ciclo Vita Pu'er Sogno Sinensis

This is the tea category with the most reduced processing, but each one of the phases must be performed to art. Its birthplace is the Fuding area, in Fujian, China, and it is divided into categories based on the picking typology, which can be: only buds, called Bai Hao Yin Zhen, bud and first leaf, called Gai Ji Mu Dan, bud and first two leaves, called Bai Mu Dan, bud and first three leaves, called Gong Mei, or first four leaves, called Shou Mei. It is a tea with a low degree of oxidation, around 20%, and it is suitable for aging. In fact, a Chinese saying goes like: “For the first year it is tea, after 4 years it is medicine, after 7 years it is treasure”.